A: The GripFinder is made of stretch silicone, similar to the silicone that is used for popular silicone bracelets and grip rings. The GripFinder contains no latex.
A: The GripFinder was designed to provide a tactile reference point for one particular grip per application point. If the chosen grip is used by the player for multiple strokes (e.g., continental grip for both serves and volleys), then it has use for multiple strokes. Some players have been creative and put one GripFinder just above another at the bottom of the handle to provide for two different reference points for different strokes. You can experiment with it and use it however you think it best helps your game!
A: Yes, the GripFinder works very well on smaller racquet grips! The Index Finger Method is the preferred method for kids.
A: While we have not applied for an official ruling regarding use of the GripFinder in matches sanctioned by the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF), we have read the official rules around the racquet and “attached objects, protrusions or devices”, and we believe that it is acceptable for use in tournaments and other sanctioned matches. Lots of other attachable racquet components and devices, such as lead tape, ribbed over-grips, silicone butt-cap covering devices, etc. are used by players every day in official matches sanctioned by the USTA and ITF.